Saturday, February 12, 2011

Catching up...

It has been quite awhile since my last post, so we have a lot to catch up on. Let's see here...
* I am no longer working for Servpro. Of no fault of my own we separated on December 17Th.  It was really sad to say good-bye to some of the people that I grew attached to, but I am still in contact with my favorites.  Needless to say, I am still unemployed, and looking for work again.  It has been a battle, but I feel like something is going to work out very soon.
* Since I didn't have a job over Christmas break, I made sure to enjoy every minute of it.  I went Cross-Country Skiing for the first time on Christmas day with Chase and his dad.  It killed me, but I made it almost 10 miles.  In the end, I am so glad I went. It was peaceful and beautiful up there, and of course, I got some great pictures! (will post at the end)
* Another good thing about not working is being able to go to almost all of Lori's basketball games.  She is a senior at Northwest Christian University and is a starter/leader of her team.  It has been a long, long career of basketball for her, but I am really proud of all of her accomplishments.  We just had "Senior" night last Saturday, and was able to bring in quite the crowd to cheer her one.  I know it will be bittersweet for her to end her career next Friday night, but I must say I am really excited! Mom figured out that she has been playing for 15 years!! YIKES that is a lot of women's basketball.  I am still and will forever be, her biggest fan.
*For Christmas this year, Chase bought me a new smaller camera.  My old "point and shoot" drowned in the McKenzie river two years ago and I was devastated!  My new one is a great Panasonic Lumix and has been performing wonderfully.  Ohh how I love these things!!
There is much more to tell, but I think I will update as things become relevant.  Much love, and pictures of course to follow!

 My tour guides
The trail we took while x-country skiing

Jack and I got to hang out for the day. He is getting to be such a big boy. He is the sweetest thing ever!

Look at those cheeks!
Chase and Lach watching the game
Hope Williams with me and the sign I made for her.
Camden and Lachlan with Lori and I for her senior night
My sign says "#15 is my Favorite"
 The family on Senior night

As I am standing on a log, that is over this stream, Dad says "haha hope you fall in." Thanks!

Jack's 1st Birthday party

Jack and Trask

Feature on the new camera

We got snow!!

My favorite work "partners" on my birthday

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